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work process


Designs can be suggested by customers too , we customize it based on the specific requirements according to the customer needs while retaining the inherent quality that defines the fashion of that particular material.We also create new designs for suits and uniforms. By understanding the decent style of suit items, our experts can able to customize it without forgetting the essential quality of fashion and style in it.


Our cutting processes are done by skilled tailor who has more than 15 years of experience. Cutting process is the most important process and hence our experts handle those manually with extra caution and care.


Sewing process is controlled by us and controlled panel wise. Step by step our sewer understand the importance of durability of the clothes especially on the uniform and suit items, and Make garments to give comfort and to fit perfectly for the user on the product.

quality control

Our products ultimately need to speak for themselves. And there’s no better way to represent our brand than with a product that meets our customers expectations. But we can’t do that without an effective garment quality control strategy.


Steam and ironing are the crucial factor in determining whether our creations are inevitably look polished & professional made or home sewn & amateurish. Gorgeous garment that never lived up to their potential –looked homemade rather than amazing. Customer will heart break to see garment without a perfect steam. Customer will be dissatisfied if they didn’t get the product they expect with a good appearance and quality. Steaming is done with more attention and patience.


Garment packaging is the process of wrapping, compressing, filling or creating goods for the purpose of protection and for better handling. This is the final process in the production of garments, which prepares the finished merchandise for delivery to the customer


We strive to deliver order on time by managing our production schedule effectively.